What is a Good Age to Begin Music Lessons?

Children of all ages significantly benefit from a good musical education and I have found that seven years old (second grade) is a great age to start. When they are fairly good readers, they can easily read their assignment sheets and are less likely to become discouraged. However, younger students can learn if the parents are willing to put more time and effort into lessons.

Older children and adults learn great too, especially those eleven and older, who will be able to skip parts that the younger students need.

What are the Parents’ Responsibilities?

Your main responsibility as the parent will be to encourage your child and encourage them to practice. You may also want to sit in on the lessons and during their practice time – especially with the younger students.

What are the Student’s Responsibilities?

Piano lessons are hard work, but they are well worth the student’s time. The more they learn, the more they enjoy piano. Their responsibility will be to practice a half hour a day (15 min. for early beginners) and to follow the directions of their teacher.